Highlights of my "relationship" with Firepay. WATCH OUT!


Dormant account
Feb 26, 2002
Phoenix, AZ
[color=0000ff]Not usually a woman of few words I can bullet this exercise in futility in the proverbial nutshell:
1. Firepay receives a returned (NSF) item on my account. NOTE: this was a bank error which I can prove via documentation 2. The first I learn of this is when I'm locked out of a casino, presumably the one in receipt of the deposit, but that never becomes clear 3. Over the next few hours I realize I'm being systematically locked out of several casinos, owned by a variety of groups and running a variety of software. 4. I repeatedly (3x) contact Firepay in an attempt to facilitate resolution. 5. I finally get a reply from them several days later saying there is no way to resolve the matter, and remaining funds in my account are being returned to my bank, and my account with Firepay is closed. Permanently. 6. I have already made contact with the 'locked out' casinos and those who choose to respond have said that they will only unlock my account upon word from Firepay that all is well. 7. Again, I contact Firepay to ask how this can be accomplished. To date THEY REFUSE TO RESPOND. 8. One final note. When Firepay locked me out of my account, I was also locked out of all history and other user information. I was not even able to contact them through the login screen but had to find a way into their customer support through some cyber-side door. SUMMARY: This type of guilty-until-proven-innocent (with no right to trial) could sink this online industry, and certainly will spell the demise of those casinos not on particularly secure footing. There is a handful of casinos that are allowing me to play and I have since registered, quite happily, with Central Coin who is providing excellent customer service. WISH LIST: 1. I want a detailed explanation from Firepay on how they can justify this type of customer servicer bordering on slander and defamation of character. 2.I want my other accounts to be reinstated. 3. I want to find out how and why my information is being shared among groups who pledge to keep all user information confidential. 4. I want these tunnel-visioned casinos to review my account history with them and remember that, ultimately, the house holds all the cards and they are far and away in the black behind my hard-earned dollars that I have wagered away at their establishments. Friendz, all this nonsense, inconvenience and now, bad publicity to these organizations, over a mere 30 dollars. THIRTY! Even Bryan seemed to shake his head over that one, didn't you B? Caveat Emptor! (Let the buyer beware) Lori

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