High Roller strategies?


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Jan 17, 2014
Any of you guys have strategies?

Mine is always do 25-50 spins on .90 first as I have found it very rare to hit a quick bonus at all or that will pay so the risk reward factor isnt there for me. Then after I will raise to $3. Then slowly up to $6 or whatever im aiming for.

I can barely remember a time when this hasnt worked for me. Maybe once or twice it bit me

and its worked for me 100% of the time on slots such game of thrones, fish party, league of legends and fish party. As those ones are pretty rare to spit out a quick bonus

And by worked, I mean saved me money.

I might not get much response in here because I dont really think there are many people who bet higher than average but thought id ask anyways.


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Mar 29, 2015
My high rolling is £2 a spin so nowhere near your league.

And I will usually only spin over £1 when the bankroll allows. I start each session with £300 and anything under £300 goes between £0.60 and £1 a spin. Anything over £300 goes at £1 and higher until it drops till £300 or until cash out time.


Mar 22, 2010
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Back in the days when i still had funds, i used to do it at a whim, now it's only the occasional high roll, which can be anywhere from 5 to 100 a pop. That said, occassional may better be aptly replaced with 'incidental' because i only ever high roll after a normal slotting session get's my balance up to around 3/400.

My current deposits range between 5 and 50, sometimes a 100, but mostly 25 or thereabout. My usual starting bet is the minimum, or if it's a Thunderkick slot, maybe 0.2 coin size, when i get up to 100 or so, i raise my bet, and i do that with every other 100 i win, or sometimes when the slot is hot and keeps dishing out decent wins, up to 0.5 coin size. And when my balance is around 3 to 400, and i am not satisfied yet, i'll start betting 5 or up.

I also like the Big Bet on SG Games, which can be seen as 25 or more a pop, depending on the slot and your choice, but can also be seen as 'just' 5 a pop, or the respective amount divided by 5..

If that goes south, which it usually does, then i may do a little roulette, and hope to retrieve any losses, to either \rinse and repeat, or perhaps cash out after all:)

If it goes right however, and i get near a 1000,- or over, i have found myself betting max for 100's of spins on various slots, and even Keno for 200,- a pop :p
That's been quite a while back though, and t.b.h., my current financials would probably be enough reason to cash out, if i get near 1K the next time, instead of going bonkers..

But, as you can see, i always start low, and i also did that when i was still making ten times of what i am making now..it's all relative, back then i found 1 a pop lowrolling, and comfy, now that is like stage 3 in my progression:)

Generally i agree that it makes much more sense to start lower. At least if you value entertainment, and also from the perspective that more spins = more chances to get a good hit. (not getting into statistics or theoretical mathematics discussions though)


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Aug 29, 2012
Ok so not a highroller, but in terms of betting strategy I used to flatout pick one betsize and stick to it come rain or shine. This proved to be great on occasion but more often than not those 90p bets would destroy my balance rather quickly. :oops:

These days I tend to adjust bets based on my actual balance, probably to preserve playtime as nothing sucks more than a quick bust.

So say anything above £30 is eg 36p bets....the moment I get to another milestone eg £50, I'll raise my bets another whole notch to 45p :eek::eek:

Great when increasing bets but sucks when lowering bets. I'd apply the same method when highrolling really, I think keeping a beady eye on the balance is the best way to go, because those elusive big hits seem to go AWOL when coming out all guns blazing :cool:


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Jan 28, 2011
Usually I do what 32red CS agent told me once: Bet 2% of your balance. I have that general rule but I change bet size whenever I want, even up to 100%.

My highest bet in slots ever is 250. My new goal is to bet 1250 in a Digimedia casino. Not easy task, especially since my deposits now are 10 - 20 and mostly at VS. :D