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Oct 16, 2010
Just thought i would post this chat. BEWARE! Sorry for the length but needinfo: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Ola'
Ola: Hi there, hope you are doing well
Ola: Hello Lawrence? I just checked your acct
lawrence: hello i am just trying to figure out how this works
Ola: And unfortunately, the system shows that you have opened similar acct with the pleayer who received our welcome bonus before
Ola: I am sorry, you won't be able to withdrawal any winnings, as the terms of use says:
Ola: *All Bonuses will be given only once per household, business address, IP address and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a duplicate account is opened it will be closed and all bonuses and winnings will be considered void.
lawrence: i have never had an account here i just started playing online gaming and signed up yesterday
Ola: You have similar acct with another player
lawrence: what player
Ola: Cindy, the same last name, IP address, home address, email address
lawrence: that is my ex-wife we do not have the same address
Ola: In this case, you are unable to withdrawal the winnings, I am so sorry
Ola: even the same phone number
lawrence: this makes no sense we do not live together we did not now
Ola: I am really sorry, your acct has been deactivated by the system
lawrence: it can not be the same e-mail address that is impossible
Ola: For the system it makes sense, as this clearly shows similar accts, I am so sorry. There is nothing I can do, as all is recorded by the system
Ola: You have provided: [email protected]
lawrence: yes that is my e-mail address for a long time
lawrence: we were married for thirteen years
Ola: Sorry, that was my mistake, on Cindy acct there is different address
Ola: But still this acct is similar, and there is nothing I can change
lawrence: similar is not the same
Ola: Similar that's the reason you have broke the terms of use
Ola: Is there anything else I can help?
lawrence: what is similar we do not have the same address or e-mail address
Ola: You have the same home address (on your axcts) , the same phone number, and what is more important, the same IP address
Ola: *All Bonuses will be given only once per household, business address, IP address and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a duplicate account is opened it will be closed and all bonuses and winnings will be considered void.
lawrence: not possible to have the same home address we may have the same ip from then since we lived in the same home for thirteen years
Ola: Your acct has been deactivated already, even if I wish there is nothing I can do
lawrence: i will report to fair gaming the casino does not expect someone to make the playthrough requirements on there bonuses and that happened by accident and i did not want to withdraw i wanted to re- deposit
Ola: You can report, but you should be fair with the terms of use
Ola: You never deposited in the Casino, so there is no point to talk about re-deposit please
lawrence: i am a vip at many casinos and this is a big dissapointment this casino will miss out on alot of money from me and the terms say nothing about ex-spouses living in different homes that may have made an account that i was not aware of and the redepoit was from the money that could have been withdrawen from the bonus because the requirements were met
Ola: The terms clearly says:
Ola: *All Bonuses will be given only once per household, business address, IP address and/or per account, as per our terms of use. If a duplicate account is opened it will be closed and all bonuses and winnings will be considered void.
lawrence: there is no duplicate account and if the ip address is the sme it is because we lived in the same house
lawrence: for thirteen years
Ola: I'm sorry Lawrence but there is not much we can do about that
Ola: That's the casino policy that we allow only one account and one free bonus
lawrence: that is fine i will post this chat on the u.s fair gaming sight and other people will see my point of this. Online casinos are getting worse and worse about paying out but they are happy to take your money. And i only received one bonus.
lawrence: And i only have one account
Ola: As you are saying that you are long time player in other places you should know that's standard in almost all casinos that player can have only one account
lawrence: Where do i have two accounts?
Ola: But you are playing from same IP/address as the other person
Ola: and that's similar account
lawrence: That used to live here this software wasa not in this computer am i just supposee to know?
lawrence: You can see i just downloaded the software yesterday.
Ola: And you still use her email address, same password etc.?
lawrence: It is not rocket science you can look at my account and see that. Yes been that way for years.
Ola: I'm sorry but there is no dispute about that
lawrence: Have had the same e-mail address forever and we were married and used the same password for everything.
Ola: There is also other thing that you broke bonus rules playing progressive slots which are excluded
lawrence: Since 1997 have had the same passwords on everything we used.
lawrence: So why does it not block you from doing that as other casinos do because it is one of the casinos loopholes.
Ola: As that's your responsibility to check terms and conditions
Ola: That's the way how RTG software works
lawrence: Other casinos will tell you that you are not allowed to play those games. Not true I play at rtg all the time.
Ola: Yes you could check terms and conditions in cashier
Ola: section before playing and also on the web site
lawrence: They say slots, keno scratchcards only it blocks you from playing proggressives.
Ola: There is nothing we can do, cashier removed your balance
lawrence: Thank you this chat will be posted on the fair gaming sight and I work in the courts in Oklahoma ans will report this to the better business bureau also thank you,
Ola: Your account is still active, if you wish to play you can make deposit and use welcome offer deposit bonus
lawrence: No thank you I will never be able to withdraw from this casino even if i win there will be some term or condition I did not know about or that is not on your terms and conditions page and i did have the chat from last night e-mailed and asked specific questions so I would understand what was going on .
Ola: If you were not sure you could contact customer support before playing and we will explain all
lawrence: I asked what I could play what the wagering requirements were and what the max cashout was and made sure to ask the right questions because this has happened before I won 25000.00 and was not able to cashout for some "term or Condition".
lawrence: I talked to customer support last night when i opened an account and did ask those questions i have the chat in my e-mail.
lawrence: I know this is not your fault nut you are told what to say and what not to say to get people to deposit.
lawrence: I even asked about your vip program and they sent me to lucky red casino
lawrence: i did deposit at lucky red
Ola: Exactly all your questions referred to Lucky Red account not here
lawrence: What is frustrating is that i did not even want to withdraw the money i just wanted to re-doposit that is another thing your max cshout is 300.00 and your cashier will not make a withdrawel if it is not 350.00 what is up with that?
Ola: I checked the chats and you asked one question about ACH and the rest was about your account in Lucky Red
Ola: Max cash out was $300 on that bonus and the ACH is $350. Cashier will not allow any redeposit before you will withdraw it
lawrence: ok what is the deal with the 300.00 max cashout and you there has to be 350.00 to cashout at the cashier can you explain that to me please.
Ola: Sure, if the amount of cash out is below $350 you need to use any alternative withdrawal method which will allow lower amount
lawrence: and right under the cashout button there is a place to re-deposit.
Ola: For example: EwalletXpress, Usemywallet, Mypaylinq
Ola: Yes re-deposit to your account but the max cash out rule still apply
Ola: till you will withdraw it
lawrence: i understand but in the window next to it it says that you can re-deposit your withdrawel and it will not be a conflict with the time frame of payouts
lawrence: so if i was to withdraw 300.00 why could that not be re-deposited and the withdrawel cancelled?
Ola: Your account need to be verified before we can process any cash outs
Ola: On the other hand you can only cancel the cash out and play, is not real deposit
lawrence: ok but if there is a re-deposit why would there have to be documents when no money is leaving the casino?
Ola: The sentence you stated above about the information on the right window states that you can cancel part of your cash out and there will be no delay on the pending withdrawal you still have d
lawrence: exactly.
Ola: But that's not a deposit
Ola: Is only return balance to your account
lawrence: It is still a return balance that is what i wanted to do. I guess I should have just done that and not contacted support. Then there would not have been a problem.
Ola: Please understand that even if you will cancel pending cash out we can't pay any winnings in that case as your broke the rules
Ola: also the max cash out will still apply then even if you will win $1000 we can not pay more than $300
lawrence: I understand that, And I still do not know how I broke the rules when I was not aware of any of these things you are telling me but if you say so fine, I will post this chat and delete your software and find a fair gaming sight obviously I looked at the wrong sight for fair gaming and I will never contact support again to do the right thing there is too many consequences. I will also mention your sister sights because obviously they have the same rules.
Ola: Ok Lawrence you can do what you want but remember that before you create your account you agreed to the terms of use of our software
Ola: Those rules are available to all players on the web site and that's your responsibility to check that before agree on anything
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

lawrence: This is the problem with online gaming you never know what you are getting even if think you know the rules change in the middle of the game if i would have not met the wagering requirements on this bonus this would not have been a problem.
Ola: No rules changes in the middle of the game
Ola: And I suppose that you didn't check the main terms of use as well as otherwise you will know that we can accept only one account per user/ip etc.
lawrence: They did I guess I was just supposed to know that ny ex-wife had a previous account and that you allowed me to create an account when you knew that and I did not.
Ola: If you will check the terms you could ask customer support before playing if there is any similar account
lawrence: If you knew there was a "similiar account" not the same account mind you then you should have not let me create a new account.
Ola: Sometimes system is not able to find put as quickly the similar players as there is some script running every few hours
lawrence: So i will advise all online gamers to ask if there is a "similiar" account before signing up with anyt casino.
lawrence: They need to make sure and not create a new account until there is verification that there is no "similiar accounts available".
Ola: That will be a good idea, I do understand that many players do not check the rules but we need to follow procedures
lawrence: Your procedures have a lot of hidden rules and agendas. Online gamers BEWARE!
Ola: Yes they are very hidden listed on our web site
Ola: just a little bit of effort to look and read
lawrence: "similiar accounts" are bs the same account would make sense.
lawrence: I would understand that.
Ola: Please check the terms again there is clearly stated similar accounts by IP. address, player, computer etc.
lawrence: Thank you have a nice night you are just running me in circles with double talk.
Ola: You're welcome
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.

s to be seen.


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Jun 30, 1998
Jeezus - was it really necessary to post the entire chat? Why couldn't you have just stated the problem in a three sentence paragraph? :what:

And why did you sign up here with cwallace as your user name?


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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
My eyes are bleeding from reading that.

What I do not understand is why a husband and wife would ever share an email account (especially a free one like yahoo) while still together....nevermind continuing to share it after they are separated/divorced? My ex and I have been split for over five years, and as amicable as we are...we have and always have had, separate emails AND passwords.

Maybe I'm a cynic, but that seems bizarre to me, ie. signing up a NEW casino account using your ex wife's yahoo email addy. You never thought to open up your own yahoo or hotmail or gmail account?

EDIT: And wow, no coffee yet, but I completely missed this:

And why did you sign up here with cwallace as your user name?

Good question...why in God's name wouldn't you create a user account here at CM using Lwallace, if YOUR first name is Lawrence? Why use your ex wife's initial? Even more bizarre. Yikes.


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Mar 22, 2010
Yes that is really bizzare// with free email addresses, ,, Plus shareing with an ex? Why would one do this? I think the casino did the right thing on a free chip... Move on


May 19, 2010
Maybe his name is Charley, and he just uses Lawrence as a chat alias? lol :D


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Jun 19, 2009
Things would sure be a lot easier if RTG would program a sign up block when a duplicate ip address and/or email address is filled in on registration.

I have registered with and tried nearly every RTG over the years and everytime I re-download, the pop up askes if you want to create an account, even if you already have an existing account. Of course I always click no and then try the couple user names and passwords I have previously used to make sure I have no existing account. I stick with the same two user names, so as not to forget.

Then if nothing comes up, I will contact customer support and have them check for me. Of course save the chat, just in case.

So if you or a family member have been playing for many years at many casinos, you should clear things up between, first those in the household, who's playing where. Then double check to see if you are already signed up, by doing what I have mentioned above.

Save yourself some grief before it happens. If you have a nice win big or small, you certainly don't want to lose it because of the little mistakes that we can make.

It also helps to keep a file of sign ups in your email file folder, that way you can always refer back to it and know what casinos you or a partner are already signed up with. Once you have created an account, the casino sends a confirmation and just move it to your files for your record keeping.

p.s. if you and your partner are split up, then create your own user names and passwords, complete the split.
We are always expecting casinos to own up to their mistakes, should we not do the same?


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Dec 16, 2004
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What is that awful smell? :what: ;)



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Oct 14, 2004
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A number of technical inconsistencies too. The SAME IP address, yet different houses. Although possible, this is statistically improbable in the extreme given the other coincidences such as same physical address, same email address, etc.

Could this be Cindy using the ID of her ex to get a duplicate account going, with her ex not being a gambler making her think she will get away with it.

The other oddity is that everything points to this being "Cindy", yet references is made to an ex WIFE! as though this is the ex HUSBAND who has the name "Cindy".

Well, there was "A boy named Sue" in the 50s, so anything is possible:rolleyes:

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huh....I just noticed this:

Ola: Your account is still active, if you wish to play you can make deposit and use welcome offer deposit bonus

Weird that they would keep the account open and allow the use of a welcome deposit offer if it was a multiple account issue. Unless the first account never deposited....? :confused:

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