Slow Pay High Noon Casino (Club World Group) is giving me the run-around on my withdrawl


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Aug 24, 2005
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Some of you may recognize the forum posting I made on the 18th where I won a big amount on the Paydirt Slot at Highnoon Casino:

I'm sorry to say that my experience with the folks at High Noon (Club World Group) since that point has become quite strained. I don't quite understand why they receive some of the positive press they get here. Here are the facts:

The slot hit I made should have paid over 30k, but due to RTG maximum payout limitations I was limited to 12.5k. I'm happy for the win, but that unbelievable. I understand that is an RTG limitation and not necessarily Club World, but that flat out stinks.

Players at the Club World group are limited to a 4k withdrawl limit per week. My first 4k withdrawl was processed promptly. Fast forward to a week later and it's a bank holiday (The Bank of Club World I guess).

Monday: Live chat tells me that due to the bank holiday that my withdrawl payment would be made Tomorrow (Tuesday). I check my QT account and no deposit had been made and my W/D still shows pending and reversable.

Tuesday: No payment ix made to my QT and I contact live chat and I'm told payment would be made tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm frustrated at this point. My W/D status still shows pending and reversable.

Wednesday: No payment made to my QT and I contact live chat. I am told again that my payment would be made "tomorrow" again. My W/D status still shows pending and reversable.

Why are these guys accredited again?
I have 3 pending withdrawals at the moment with the club world group casinos that are a day or two overdue. It seems like everything always gets a little haywire around the major holidays with most online casinos I've played at.

I generally expect things to be delayed a bit around Easter, but it really seems odd customer service doesn't expect the same thing and just tell it straight...If they aren't going to be processing withdrawals until the end of the week there's no reason they should for three days be telling you the withdrawal will be processed the next day.
My suggestion would be to contact the Club World rep here and put this problem before him. I have found he is extremely receptive to player problems and works hard at getting them corrected.

That said, bank holidays do tend to screw up the withdrawal process. The time difference always makes a difference as far as I am concerned when I withdraw. They are 6 hrs. ahead of my time so what I think is one day is always the next day for them.
What is going on with CWC

I am not sure what is going with this group anymore. I have had a withdrawal pending since 4/24 at All Star Slots. Been going to live chat for the last 3 days only to be told that it will be done tomorrow. Well here it is Friday, and I am told it will not be done today because it is a banking holiday because of the Royal Wedding. This is BS. I had another withdrawal from Highnoon that was submitted 2 hours prior to this one at All Star Slots and that was processed on 4/26. Why this one could not be done on the same day is beyond me.

This is not an exception anymore, it is becoming the norm. And they are accredited. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate their accredition? To me after being lied to for the past 3days and the stalling tatics makes them on the same level as some rogue casinos.

It is a shame really, they used to be a good group.

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