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I'm introducing myself...why anyone would be interested is a mystery to me but--I got a message suggesting i do it so I thought I'd do it! Some unusual facts about me include: I was a go-go dancer in college (not a stripper, ew!) and got to perform with Moby, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, Christine W., 808 State, the Utah Saints and other people you havent heard of. Also, Im a twin and my sister and I were both prematurebut I got to go right home but she had to be incubated for like 2 weeks! She was the bun in the oven that wasnt done! I like cookies. I hate yoga.

I love movies like Anchorman, Raising Arizona, Nacho Libre.

"Me? No. Come on. Don't be crazy. I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies, and the clothes, and the fancy creams and lotions. But my life is good! Really good! I get to wake up every morning, at 5AM, and make some soup! It's the best. I love it. I get to lay in a bed, all by myself, all of my life! That's fantastic! Go. Go away! Read some books!" --Nacho, "Nacho Libre"


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Hello and welcome girl... Oh do I remember the utah saints...

who..who who are you.... who who are you. Utah saints u u utah saints. And I love moby's older stuff great to listen to when you have have a spliff and chill out. and De la soul ( hey how ya doin sorry i cant get through, why dont you leave your name and your number and ill get back to you).

Wait till Robwin gets in here and says hello, he's a human juke box


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