Hi players:)


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Dec 15, 2007
Hi ppl,
i am new here and new to the on-line gaming. Well, i'm looking to make some money and have some fun playing on-line, so could you give me some advices, such as what are a trusted websites plus should i play poker or casino(which gives more profit and takes less time:) ). Although i'll try to read all the relavent threads on the forum, please give me some advices. oh, yes, is there any useful free on-line literature that you know about or read and that could help me(i'm thinking about poker mostly,i'm the beginner, so i'm looking for the bookof my level, but if you have anything else, maybe something on other games that you play, i'm open to it).

P.S. are here any Canadians?

Thanx fellows and am looking forward to have your responses:).


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Dec 4, 2007

Hi Cantro,

Poker games and casino games are really very different so it's hard to advise which you should go for - it depends on what you're looking to do/achieve.

As for trusted sites, there is lots of info on this site about where is good to play.

I remember being a new player (a long, long time ago!) so I'm happy to share my experiences and offer advice about getting started. Drop me a PM if you want to converse more.

And most important of all, GOOD LUCK!

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