Hi, new to online casino, which one to play?


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Feb 6, 2010
I've been looking at 32red and intercasino but can't decide yet which one to take! and wish me luck:)


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Sep 26, 2004
I dont like intercasino but that's cos of my personal grudge with them. Actually, both are very well-respected casinos where getting paid would be the least of your problems.

You should check carefully though on whether you are accepted for real play. I can play at neither any more.


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Apr 2, 2007
I'd also suggest you to visit Casinomeister's "Accredited Casinos" sectio, where you could find many decent casinos.


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Jan 23, 2010
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Choose wisely. Don't let yourself become "enchanted" with OTT 6000% bonuses with 2000X playthroughs... it might look nice at first to see a huge balance in your account but think about the cashout requirements...

First you need to ask yourself: what am I looking for in a casino? fast payouts? large bonuses? friendly customer support? loyalty? respect? fair RNG's? no beating around the bush? just extended playtime?

Also, if what you are looking for is to extend your playtime without even thinking about cashing out and nothing else... then I would suggest you pick some place that can offer you the highest bonus percentage available regardless of the playthrough requirements. This will give you plenty of gametime.... that's the only guarantee. Can you cashout on that? sure you can... but what are the odds?

If you are looking for fast payouts and proactive customer support, then I would suggest you to take a small bonus (or no bonus at all) to start with the lowest playthrough possible (nothing too OTT either of course) and get to know who you are dealing with. Take your time to get to know who is who in the casino of your choice and try to stick to one particular representative (if you have the choice) to take care of everything related to your account.

Also, if you are looking for fast payouts I strongly recommend you to email or fax all the required documents for cashouts (usually picture I.D., utility bill with your name on it, debit or credit card photocopies, and the authorization form that most places request). This will prevent you from getting into misunderstandings with the casino staff and will significantly reduce the amount of waiting time before you can receive your payout.

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