Hi/Lo Reel Deel and Phil Brear (minor) update


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Jan 17, 2013
The Hi/Lo Reel Deal scandal that led to Phil Brear of the GRA releasing some statements that some felt were threatening in this now closed thread. The thread had to closed as Phil got some unreasonable abuse rather than reasonable criticism of the GRA's inaction.


Anyway in one of his statements Phil seemed annoyed that his inaction was contrasted with an FOBT case dealt with by the UKGC where they got the supplier to donate £300k to gambling charities to ensure that the false rtp did not benefit the supplier.

He said

Did no-one else find it a little strange that an organisation that took 6 months to deal with the FOBT case (and provided virtually no information about it) and has zero profile in matters such as these, takes only 3 days to weigh in on this one, providing some considerable but irrelevant detail, promoting its own cause, despite the game meeting published UK standards (except for the error). It was approved by one of their own approved testing houses, albeit not on behalf of a UK remote gaming licence holder. This was a pretty lamentable episode, and if anyone wants to explore the benefits of the proposed UK legislation, I suggest you research that issue properly before you make any further comments on how it will improve consumer protection.

Anyway the update is that the UKGC has opened a consultation on their machine testing strategy including proposals to tighten up and clarify some of the testing requirements and dealing with the issues arising from 3 cases where testing failed to detect a problem and 1 where the operator interpreted a third party test report as confirming compliance when they should not have done without tackling the recommendations made by the test house.

The details are complicated but anyone who is in to testing especially integration testing and the complications involved in testing software across multiple hardware platforms may find the document interesting and the potential impact on fairness will enjoy reading the document which makes clear how testing failures occurred.

For the rest of us what we can see is a regulator seeking to publicly address the testing issues and revealing details of how some compliance failures occurred.

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Anyway, I wonder when the GRA will do something to address the clear failures arising from the games that delivered different RTPs in play and real modes? Maybe Phil can confirm that he has a consultation planned?