Hi... I'm James from London


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My name is James Prevail. I'm 21, from London, and studying at LSE. I'm also researching for my thesis which is all about online gambling! Yes, you guessed it. I'm here to gather some information, if possible.

My most important question concerns online gambling statistics. In particular, what %age of online gamblers win/lose, overall. If any do win, what %age win a little, and what, a lot.

Of the winners and losers, which online games have the most winners/losers as a proportion of all winners and losers of online gambling? In other words, which games are best avoided, and why?

Sorry, I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but I live in hope that someone can direct me to the answers.

Cheers - and the next drink's on me!


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Welcome to the Forum James...that's some mighty big questions you're asking there buddy...how about serving up those drinks First while we are thinking about them...I always tend to work better anyway when I am chugging on a cold one...:D


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welcome james.
as Rob said serve those drinks first. Have some data. Perhaps we could share after you gathered some.


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90% of gamblers are alcoholics!;)
Serve the drinks baby!!!

That was a joke everyone. No one get pissed. Oh wait...pissed=drunk. Never mind!:D


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Thanks guys for your enthusiasm. Lol!
Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to offer drinks in VR, but I'm working on a solution.

I can say, though, that I now have some interesting stats but they are not for online gambling (in the traditional sense). They're for online trading/spread betting financial markets.

90% of traders lose all of their stake or MORE!
10% are winners, but only between 2 - 3% make fabulous profits.

In other words it's the 2 - 3% who take ALL the money from 90% of financial market participants.

I would think that gambling on games of chance, the losses would be more than 90%, but I just can't find that data.

I think that for Poker and maybe Blackjack, the winners/losers would be similar to trading financial markets because skill is involved in playing these games.

If anyone has some useful info or knows of a source I would be truly grateful.
Cheers, and have a great weekend.