Hi I'm James From London Too!


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Hello Folks,
I'm a poker player for my sins (which are many). Must confess I found this site mainly through looking for somewhere to bitch about a bad experience I've had with an online poker site. Not too good talkin 'bout myself but I guess you'll get to know me in time (does anybody read this section anyway?)


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Some people do

Alright there batman, thats how most people find this place I'd imagine. I found it looking for betting methods and a bit of craic. There is plenty of good advice knocking about in here so stick with it. If you have any problems then try and get it sorted reasonably 1st if you can but if not then I'm sure the main man in here will help ya out.
And always remember the golden rule, always drink plenty of beer. Not really related to gambling but it's mad aul craic all the same.
Hello Fatjaz and welcome to CM. We are pleased to have you.

If you need any help just holler out, someone will come running.

Lots of information available here so put on your specs, try to keep the cat off the keyboard :rolleyes: and get reading.