Hi from Ireland ...


A little mix of Dutch and Irish
Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Hi guys,

Thanks for accepting me on this forum/website.
I was reading alot of stuff previously but now decided to register as it gives me access to more stuff on the website and the forum. :cool:

My name is Mark,38y old and originally from The Netherlands but living and working since 4 years in the republic of Ireland.
Married and 2 lovely twin daughter,nearly 3 years of age.

I am a huge slots fan and tried numerous of casino's online,some good some very very bad.
So I am glad I found this place where I can read up on rogue casino's and other problems with casino's.
Saves me from depositing into such bad places.

If you have any questions please poke me.

I do a bit of affiliating for online casino's also but not as serious as Casinomeister for example! :D