Hi from BetterValueCasino, Essex, England.


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Dec 12, 2017
United Kingdom
I too wish you well despite my scomments as we need more and better UK based casinos. My scepticism comes from the way the UK casino scene and how the UKGC are doing their best to dismantle it bit by bit. I would suggest a better name but good luck and keep us informed.


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Jan 28, 2023
Saffron Walden, Essex
Thanks Johnnymcc1966, myself and everyone involved want to create a much better experience than can easily and readily be found on the internet at the moment, to give a better offer. It's likely we'll start by between May and the middle of June. I won't post much if at all, until then as setting this up has become a 60+ hours a week job which I've been engaged in for more than half a year already. Our national launch campaign for around June time has just been approved (when UKGC license is approved) in terms of its content. We're recruiting from middle of next month, will be good to delegate some of the work load, although overall I'm enjoying getting everything ready. It's looking like the launch team will comprise a dozen staff now, bearing in mind it is a 24/7 operation, with ability to quickly recruit more personnel as soon as we need to. All systems go for later this year!

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