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Hi Casinomeister community,

I'm Ginny - the Casino Promotions Manager for Sun Bets, Sun Casino & Sun Vegas. I just wanted to introduce myself - if anyone has any questions about any of our products or affiliate programme please get in touch. I'm the first rep we've had on Casinomeister and am happy to help with any queries!

Sun Bets is a proprietary product - Sun Casino & Live Casino has Playtech games, whilst Vegas has Microgaming with more coming soon.

Look forward to being part of the community!

Sun Casino


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Welcome to CM :thumbsup:

Just had a quick nosey of your website, looking good and didn't know you guys had expanded beyond bingo lol!

I'm assuming any players who sign up to the casino / vegas will need to create a brand new account and it have no bearing on previously registered Sun Bingo accounts?

cheers and good luck


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Hi Jono777,

Thanks for the welcome!

Sun Bets and Sun Casino launched in the summer of 2016 and Sun Vegas launched May this year so it's exciting times for us.

You are correct, you would need to register a new account as we are not operated by the same company that operates the Sun Bingo product. For Sun Bets, Casino and Vegas you will have one single account but bingo will be a different login.

Thanks again,


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Welcome Sun_Casino.

I too just had a snoop of it, looks pretty good so far.

I might make an account then soon if and when there is a ND signup offer.

Thanks for the info though about the sun bingo account info. I do already have a sun bingo account.

So good to know it will be different and would need a new one. :)