Hi Everyone!


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Hi all. I am a mid 30s father of two from Canada. I like to play the online slots from time to time. Unfortunately, I haven't enjoyed the cash out experience yet... it'll come I know. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group.


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Hello and Welcome To CM! Check out the "Accredited Casinos" section on CM, just might help you get to your cash out quicker. :)

Good Luck N Chips Up To Ya!!


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Out of interest, where do you play and which are your favourite slots?

Welcome to the Forum - hopefully you can join the "Cash-Out Club" soon! :thumbsup:
Thanks everyone. To date, I have mainly played on Microgaming sites. I'm a fan of the LOTR (now Dark Knight) slot machine and the higher volatility style. I know it is a swingy road to travel but it can lead to some nice wins.

From the information on the forum I just signed up for 32Red. I will probably try a few more as well over time.


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Hi XLCoffee,

Make you you explore the rest of the site to see what's up :D

Thanks for joining us :cheers: