Hi Bryan


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So Mr. Meister... what a coincidence that I asked you on my 25th post.."how long is it going to say newbie under my name"?? After I clicked "post message", it automatically changed my status from newbie to the next level. Talk about "ask and ye shall receive"! That was kind of freaky to me because I saw it happen 3 seconds after I asked you the question. You truly are...."The Meister!!!"


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Nope. It's the machinations running in the background in cyberland.

Fatalistic machinations of electrons and funky electrical stuff.


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Dear Bryan,
I hope you are happy!!!! I am not too sure what you wrote two posts up, but my fantasies have all changed. My dream was to hit my husband off the head with a frying pan...now you have me digging through the closet for our "fun stuff".


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I am sorry glodge...I could not pass the opportunity to joke around a bit. (hope you were not offended). Tim, you are too funny...lol.


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I was being funny Ha Ha also.

That " Just a little bit more info than I needed to hear " is a coined phrase that a lot of aussies use.

It would take a lot more that that to offend me!