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Hi and thx for this forum.
I'm an occasional online casino player. I play for fun with small amounts of money like € 25 - € 50 a month.
I mostly play at casinoeuro.com, nice interface from NETENT, no download, looks good.
I have been playing more a while back. What I experienced was that when you play regularly at a certain casino, it is like you loose your money faster and more often than when you play just once or twice a month a the same casino with a small amount of money.
For example:
At the 5th of a month I play with € 30,- and almost all spins are winnings. I stop after I won about € 30 - € 50,-
I repeat this two weeks later, again I win € 30 - € 50.
If I played more often and with bigger amounts, I lost most spins and I only had winnings when I bet smaller amounts than the average bet I played in the game.
I think, but this is only an assumption, that NETENT software can be and will be manipulated by online casino's. I also played at unibet casino which has the same software, that is one greedy casino btw. There's almost no doubt that they manipulated their software, several times I just had one winning in a 20 bet game. Playing only black/red and so.

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