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I am a new menber of casinomeister but I have used view this site several times. I love to gamble online. Not very good odds but mostly slots. I have one problem I am from the USA from a state that has passed the current legislation for no online gambling. There are still casino's that will allow us to deposit and play but unfortunately I have only found the ones that are not very reputable. Maybe someone out there can recommend a good reputable casino for us USA players. Thanks for the welcome!


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Sorry, but I think it will be best if you save your money, they are all crooked. All online gambling is fixed, anywhere from .05% to god knows how much. You are better off not to risk your money.

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Hello Michellep and Welcome.
You have many great places that take all US players.
Stick with one's that been around for years and you will be ok.
I only know the best one's I have.
Good Luck


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:)hello and welcome to a great place:).......laurie


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Welcome to Casinomeister Michellep :) If they look crooked, better just wait and be patient. I am an optimist and believe we will get our rights back sooner or later!! For now, a lot of us just play for fun, or do something else we enjoy!!! In my case, I like the savings I'm building :D