Charlie Little

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Hey all I'm Charlie Little from Arkansas, the land of no casino's, but we finally got a lottery :yahoo:

Edited to add...Sorry that wasn't much of an intro lol. I've only been to a casino over in Oklahoma a couple times. Not much luck at slots and am just learning to play poker. I'm 47 and thinking about the future and what fun I would like to have in my older age.

I like to fish, build a boat now and then and facebook. I live in a small town where I take care of the wastewater facility for the city and have won state award for treated water quality.

I like animals, care about pets, eat the rest.

Nice forum ya's got here!


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Hi Charlie Little - welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

Charlie Little

Dormant account
Thank you! I hope to learn and be a contributor. Am having a bit of trouble getting my facebook thing to work here. Put in my name and a little kid popped up when I clicked on it lol.. Think I got it now!


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Hi, Charlie!!

I am sure you will find lots of answers to your questions. Playing slots is one of my big passions. :p

Make yourself at home! :)