Dormant account
hey guys,

i m a student and as a side i play poker for a living, i just heard about this forum yesterday after making a thread on pokercollectif about a poker room banning my account and seizing my funds

i wanted to make a complain on the forum but it seems you need to wait 30 days, well i hope the issue will be resolved before:)

anyway, i ll read the othe thread for a while

goodluck at the tables


Dormant account
Hi there,

I am learning it every day but casinomeister's forum is a bit different then other forums and i am saying it in a good way, you should drill down and read the different sections (which are very visible on the left hand side of the homepage) you will find there the do's and dont's and the "map" to all sections.

you will find few relevant sections in the site that are relevant to your question , sections such as:

I honestly think you should dig a little more...

Good luck,