Hey WinBig, question


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Oct 9, 2006
sorry to be off Online subject, I was wondering, have you been to the new slots casino in Bensalem? Harrahs is opening in Chester in the middle of January, maybe we can hit it someday? Anyway, just curious to see if you went to any of the new casinos here in PA

Im going to the Trop on NY's Eve.....my brother gave me a $200 gift card for Christmas so that pays for our dinner and entertainment :)

Boy, we are getting alot of them this year!!!! Chester isnt the best part of town but they said its right off of Rte 95 at exit 8. I heard they dont have table games though :(
Unfortunately all the casino's here in PA don't have tables (yet). They tried to pass legislation to make tables legal, but that was shot down. I think it's only a matter of time until we get them though.

I'm close to the one they're building in Grantville at Penn National, so I'll probably just wait to visit any PA casinos until that one opens!!
Nah, I haven't been, with the surgery and all....and to be honest, a slots-only parlor really doesn't appeal to me at all :) If they add poker or other card games, I'd definitely go...

Hope you have good luck in AC! :) (Too bad I can't go, still recouperating lol)

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