Hey inetbet your message bank is full


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Not sure if this is the correct method/area but just tried sending a private message to inetbet promos and got the following message

"iNetBet Promos has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."


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Not to worry Inet is very wary of negative comments posted them in open forums so this thread alone should be enough to make them contact you.


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Yes, they hate seeing them but funny how thet fail to make the improvements they should. They seldom take player suggestions seriously and i think they have a rather fat head and think they smell pretty. They took 13 years to put this premium player program, have and continue to fail to offer additional support options and should you bitch too much they will simply slow down payments etc.

I hate to bash them but Emily and the family are failing miserably. They tend to focus on small depositors andcomp them large, which keeps them going. They have a lot to improve on in order to even come close to being rated in high regard.

Yet as sad as it is, I do not expect to see many improvments there at all in the short term and even long term. The premium player program is based not one being a premium player but more towards those who have been around for awhile. There is no additional benefits if you are a large depositor or a small depositor. Basicly little to no advantage to increasing deposits with Inetbet.

Emily, you need to get it together, get with the latest trends for online casinos and make the changes. Otherwise, Inetbet will continue to be just another random RTG casino and nothing more.

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Hi All,

baabaa006 - I have sent you a PM please come back to me and I can assist.

chuchu59 - A pleasure as always.

shaggy5500 - If you have some grievances or would like to pass on some constructive criticism or comments please PM me with these. Please do include your username with us as we can then check your account.

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Thanks Inetbet. I can confirm I have received your contact and have sent message to you. Thanks for your prompt action.