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Quit Gambling
Jun 8, 2003
I think I read you saying somewhere, that you,ve been to Slotland,s headquarters. Have you seen any other online casino operations? What are they like? Are they professional looking setups, with professional looking people working them? Or are they just some rented office-space with a bunch of computer equipment, and some shady looking characters devising ways to bilk stupid gamblers out of their money. I,ve often wondered what these businesses are actually like. Tim


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Jun 30, 1998
I've been invited to a number of casino operations (Virtual Casino - yikes!, Gold Club, Microgaming's, etc.), but I spend far too much time away from the family to make this a reality. It would take a bit more planning (Gold Club's in Sweden is probably next). BUT Slotland is about a three hour drive from here, so this was an opportunity that I couldn't turn down.

I did a write up about this here:

And in a nutshell, yes it was a very professional setup. These guys are really on top of things.