Heres what happened with my inetbet manager bonus


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Mar 23, 2005
Well didnt close my account last month at inetbet when i quit playing there as i new i had a bonus coming and figured i would see what happened , maybe they loosened up the slots a little .

Well had a $250 bonus , it lasted 221 spins at $5 a spin on various slots , No features , a total of 39 minutes .

this just puts more nails in there coffin for me ,

just play

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Jan 27, 2006
I had some extra money today, so I decided to see what would happen if I took a bonus....I deposited $60 and got the Tuesday 75% bonus. I played for about 4 hours and still had 1,600 left on my playthrough :eek: busted out.

I had 2 free spins on Diamond Dozen within 10-20 spins of each other on a 20 cent bet and only got a little over $1. :rolleyes:

I look at the screen shots sometimes and I don't understand how people get $40-$50 on free spins??? (on a .20 bet)

It's not only iNetBet, it's all the casinos, I played MG a few days ago and $75 lasted me about 1 hour on .27 bets.

I am stopping online gambling, it's not fun anymore. :(


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Jun 10, 2003
Wow a $250 bonus!!
Last month I got $20 and cashed out the max of $200 .
This month I got $10 and it lasted about 25 minutes.


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Jul 24, 2006
my bonus was $5. i don't normally play slots, but i figured i'd give it a whirl. $1 spins on incan goddess coming right up. four spins in, hit the free spins for $35. four spins later, hit free spins again for $17. bingo bango, up to $50 just like that. went down to .20 and .40 on various slots, did a couple hands of red dog when i dropped below $40, got back up to $60 and continued lowrolling slots. so it's going to be a $50 max cashout once i send in the forms, as i've never cashed out from inet before (mostly because of these forms, i tend to just keep playing until i lose). cool huh? :thumbsup:

edit: i posted at 4:20pm, lol