Here is the fine print about BingoSuite (The Rules)


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Dec 16, 2004
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I know a lot of Bingo Players never read the real important stuff about the rules.
Here is the fine print about BingoSuite
It's a pretty nice bingo.

1.Introduction to the Rules

Our game rules and operating policies (hereinafter the "participating rules") govern the use of any information taken or used from our website, including your registration and participation in any BingoSuite game (hereinafter the "game").

Please make certain that you read the participating rules carefully. Each time you use funds from your player account to play a game or you enter our website, you are confirming your full understanding and acceptance of the participating rules. In the event that you have any questions about the participating rules, please contact us for clarification.

2.Fairness Statement
The BingoSuite game system has been designed to be 100% fair to all players. Unlike a Bingo hall where a player can YELL Bingo and halt the game immediately, Internet Bingo is played across the globe in many different time zones through a large network of interconnected routers and satellite connections. We want to ensure that when a player purchases a game card they have every chance of winning and that the outcome of the game is NOT affected by the:

The speed of one players internet connection over the other player
The momentary instability of the internet
Physical location on the globe
Our developers have continued to evolve our award winning bingo software into what we believe to be the fairest and most reliable form of Bingo on the Internet. If you encounter any technical problems or would like more information about our games, please contact our help desk.

3. Definitions and Terminology Used in Our Game
A Player is a person who registers to play BingoSuite by filling out our registration form with the required information.

A Purchase occurs after a player enters the BingoSuite website and purchases Bingo card(s) from funds that have been deposited in a players account by the player. When a player elects to deposit funds into their player account by one of our e-commerce systems, BingoSuite and its credit card agents must validate the purchase. In the event that the purchase is subject to a charge-back or is otherwise incomplete the purchase becomes void.

A Game Purchase is considered valid if the player's deposit of cash funds transaction is complete. Refunds cannot be made once a bingo card is purchased. All purchases are made in United States currency.

A Card represents a set of a randomly collection numbers between 1 and 75 (inclusive) organized in 5 column, 5 row configurations. Until a card is in play, players have the option to change the collection of numbers by selecting a new card. Once a player accepts and purchases a card for any game, the card becomes valid and in play.

A Game Variation is a specified pattern that must be matched on a player's card in order to win a game and receive a prize.

A Call is a broadcast message from our game server, received by your computer containing a randomly generated number between 1 and 75.

A Bingo Call is a broadcast message from a player's computer, received by the BingoSuite game server identifying that player as a holder of a game variation. In Play will be the term used to describe any game that has been initialized by our game server and is receiving calls and communicating with the game server.

A Prize is a cash allotment that is payable to a player (or players if there is more than one winner) who identifies to BingoSuite, through a Bingo call, a match to the game variation of a player card. Prizes are automatically deposited into a players account.

The Parties: BingoSuite and the Player. A User ID is username that is assigned to the player by BingoSuite at the time of registration, such used by the parties to uniquely identify a player.

A Player Account is the account in which the players use to deposit funds, use to buy into games, deposit winnings into and request payouts from. Once a card is in play, the game credit cannot be returned to the player.

Bingo Bucks refers to a bonus given to players while playing Bingo games. These funds are subject to the same rules and limitations as "Comp". Bingo Bucks may only be wagered within Bingo games, and may not be redeemed.

4. Participation Rules
To participate in a game a player must be 18 years of age or of legal age of majority in your country of origin, must read and consent to all of the participating rules and must have authorization to use a valid credit card acceptable to BingoSuite. Only one player account is valid per player. A maximum of two player accounts are valid per household. Additional accounts may be disabled and any payouts requested from duplicate accounts may be considered void.

Participation will require that players register with BingoSuite by correctly completing the registration details and offering a full name, address, city, zip code or postal code, state or province, country, e-mail address and telephone number. For any subsequent participation, a player must login with their User ID (provided by BingoSuite) and the player password. Games will be offered at approximately 10 seconds after completion of a previous game. BingoSuite has exclusive authority to modify the game schedule without prior notice.

By registering, a player agrees to opt-in to receive BingoSuite newsletters and offers from BingoSuite advertising partners. Players may opt-out from these mailings at any time through their Profile page or by emailing support. When a player opts-out, BingoSuite will ensure that that email address is no longer mailed to within an appropriate time limit.

A purchase will be void if for any reason BingoSuite does not receive payment or if there is an applicable charge-back at a later date. BingoSuite reserves the right to limit any player's participation in a game, particularly in the event that a purchase is rendered void.

Prizes will be deposited into the players account. The minimum payout request is $50.00. Players can request a payout from their WINNINGS only. The amounts cannot exceed their player account cash balance, which must be in good standing. The Bingo Room Network reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.

Players may REQUEST a refund if they wish to close their players account. Any unpaid or outstanding charges will be subtracted from their account balance in the event of charge backs. Players CANNOT request a refund from deposits or bonuses made to their account unless they wish to cash out and close their player account. Refunds forfeit all comp/bonus earned. If you would like to refund a deposit, please contact Please be reminded that BingoSuite reserves the right to decline any refund request in accordance with sign up prizing or indication of an intent to defraud. Please note this request can take up to six months to process.

Requesting payouts from their account balance derived from deposits and not wins will be deemed a cash advance from BingoSuite and a misuse of our online purchasing system. In such cases, BingoSuite may levy a surcharge to offset transaction and administrative costs. In ALL cases, BingoSuite reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.

To participate in and win bingo bucks in chat games, you must be an active depositing player with an account in good standing. To be eligible you must be buying cards during the time of the chat games and have deposited within the last 14 days.

Employees of BingoSuite and their family members are prohibited from participating in Games or Special Contests and from redeeming any winnings incurred.

5.Cost of Playing BingoSuite
Bingo cards can range in price from $0.05USD to $1.00USD. This range may vary for special promotions.

6.Claiming Prizes
Prizes shall be automatically deposited to our player account cash balance. Players can purchase games from their winnings or request a payout be mailed the address given at the time of registration. Players who wish to claim their prize money must request a "payout". This can be done by visiting the player's profile and selecting the payout request link. However, please make sure that the mailing information is correct when you register in order to avoid delays.

NOTE: Winnings are prizes are only valid after an initial deposit has been made, all winnings earned before the initial deposit are not redeemable, and are removed when an initial deposit is made. We only approve Redemption requests in the amount of $50.00USD or more.

You must wager greater than the sum of your deposit and your deposit bonus before redeeming, on a per deposit basis.

Bonus Bucks are player rewards and are valid only until a redemption is made.

Bonus Bucks may not be used after a redemption in order to earn a new redemption.

For your own protection we no longer allow redemptions to be sent to alternate accounts. This means that the account that we send your winnings to must be in the same name as your registered name at BingoSuite.

7.Limits of Liability and Indemnification Statement

It is the responsibility of player to ensure that they understand and comply fully in respect of any state, national and international laws, regulations, directives etc. applicable to the player. BingoSuite cannot be held responsible for any third party claims of any kind against players. Player's agree that they are 18 years of age and have authorization and authority to use the credit card offered to BingoSuite for a purchase. The liability of BingoSuite with respect to any claim made by a player shall be limited to the prize. Under no circumstances will BingoSuite be liable to any costs or expenses incurred by a player in making a claim. BingoSuite will not be held liable to any costs or expenses incurred by a player for any overdrafts relating to deposits to player accounts made through our e-commerce systems. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available to them before they make a deposit to their player accounts via our e-commerce systems. BingoSuite will not be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred by a Player for any overdrafts resulting from multiple deposits to a player's account made through the improper use of our e-commerce systems. Reloading a cash deposit transaction page constitutes misuse of our e-commerce system and as such, BingoSuite will not be held responsible or liable for any overdraft charges or costs that they may incur as a result misuse of our e-commerce systems. BingoSuite shall have the right to suspend or withdraw any participation at its absolute discretion. BingoSuite reserves the right to terminate any member account at any time at our absolute and sole discretion. Any remaining cash balance shall be returned to the member by our best effort within 48 hours. Personal details of all players will remain confidential unless players agree to their details being used for future publicity purposes. BingoSuite will not be liable for any loss of whatsoever in nature arising from the cancellation of any round, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in the game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, BingoSuite will not be liable to any person: For the failure of, or damage or destruction of the BingoSuite central computer system or records, or any part thereof, for delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or other data transmission system, for any delay resulting in non-receipt of any participation for a particular round. BingoSuite will not be liable for any loss as a result of an act of God, an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, the act of any Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent), fire, explosion, flood, hurricane, theft, malicious damage, strike, lock-out, or industrial action of any kind. The parties shall not commit nor purport to commit the other to honor any obligation other than is specifically provided for by these participation rules. The player accepts liability for any damages that may be caused by the misuse of his/her membership number and access-code details on Internet. These participation rules constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties.

BingoSuite wants to assure all of its players (and prospective players) that it has made every effort possible to provide you with the world's most entertaining, reliable, and more importantly, honest Bingo game on the Internet. It is our sincere intent to ensure that all of our players are satisfied with the quality and fairness of our games. Every effort possible has been made by BingoSuite to promptly and impartially resolve all disputes that may arise from the use of our game.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal in providing you our Bingo game. As the operators of BingoSuite, we are determined to provide you our highest level of customer service possible. Our resolve is to consistently provide you with a fair and impartial dispute mechanism in the event that a dispute occurs. The success of our business is dependent on providing you with exceptional customer satisfaction policies. Obviously, happy customers will ensure that we win new customers and that our existing players will continue to come back to enjoy BingoSuite time and time again. BingoSuite reserves the right to amend these Rules from time to time without prior notice.

9. Promotions
Periodically we have promotions that award bonus money. Following are the rules for such promotions. These rules apply to all promotions and complimentary bonus money unless otherwise specified in the associated promotion.

Bonus Bucks are awarded to players as a "second chance" to win after their initial deposit has been wagered. Chat Bucks are awarded to players for participating at BingoSuite. Bonus Bucks and Chat Bucks may not be used as a sole means of playing at BingoSuite for real money. In accordance with our Rules, Bonus Bucks may be used to earn real money but are void once this money is redeemed.

Bonus Bucks cannot be withdrawn.
Bonus Bucks are player rewards and are valid only until a redemption is made. Bonus Bucks may not be used after a redemption in order to earn a new redemption.
Non-depositors cannot receive a redemption on winnings prior to that deposit.
Bonus Bucks are not equal to real currency, they are valid only once the original deposit has been wagered.
You must be playing at least one card per game or purchase enough cards to equal the total games played within the hour to earn Bonus Bucks.
All of the deposit and bonus must be wagered before receiving a redemption.
Please note that your free player balance including bingo bucks and winnings prior to your first deposit will be replaced by your VIP balance (VIP Balance = Initial Deposit + Deposit Bonus)
9 a) Promotional Prizing
Prize images may not necessarily be an exact representation of said prize. Please note that The Bingoroom Network reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the awarded prize in unavailable for any reason. Bingoroom Network reserves the right to limit prizes to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Winners must be age 18 or older. Prizes are non-transferable. The Bingoroom Network, in its sole discretion, further reserves the right to disqualify any person for (i) violating any of these rules, (ii) tampering with the entry process or the operation of The Bingoroom Network website, (iii) gaining an unfair advantage in participating in the contest, (iv) obtaining winner status using fraudulent means, or (v) engaging in otherwise unsportsmanlike, disruptive, annoying, harassing, or threatening behavior.

In order to claim any promotional prizes, you must have made a deposit in the last 14 days.

10. Processing
All credit card transactions are handled by our e-cash subsidiary Savinet Enterprises Ltd., Nicosia, Cyprus and the charge will appear of your statement You are advised to print all transaction data, rules etc. for future reference.

Please note that in some cases the charge will not appear on the date you deposited, particularly in the case of an evening or weekend.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to observe the national laws of the cardholder's country regarding possible lottery or gaming prohibitions. In the case of doubt, the cardholder must take action to assure him/herself of the laws in their country.

11. Cashing Out

Withdrawal request processing times vary depending on the method of redemption selected. Please refer to the chart on the deposit page (put a link) for further details. Please note that these times are based on the Financial Departments office hours.
The Bingoroom Network reserves the right to request documentation prior to authorizing any withdrawal request, to verify the authenticity of the credit card information and/or the identification of the player as well as the veracity of the withdrawal claim.
The Bingoroom Network reserves the right to pay in installments at their discretion any amount exceeding $5000.
First, second and third deposits are subject to the following wagering requirements:
i) Players must wager 3 times their deposit amount in bingo.
ii) Players must wager 12 times their deposit amount in slots.
Players who attempt to cash out any winnings prior to having met wagering requirements will have their cashout denied.
Attention Bingoroom Network Members: We are aware that certain individuals are currently using slots in direct violation with our comp/bonus policy to defraud our system. Our Accounts and Compliance department is reviewing all accounts for any such activity. Please note that this could continue to cause slight delays in regards to Cashout requests. In any account that we find this to be the case, the players may forfeit their entire balance including winnings and their account will be closed and their membership will be permanently terminated.
No more than one cashout per deposit is permitted. Bonus ATM, Bingo bucks and/or Bonus dollars of any kind may not be used to generate a cashout. Players must be actively depositing in order to have a cashout approved. The Bingoroom Network reserves the right to decline cashout requests generated in this way; cashouts of this nature will be canceled and the funds deemed null and void.
12. Refund Policy

If a deposit has been made in error.
In the case of a technical error, all funds and charges will be refunded to the player to the best of our ability. Please note that Credit Card purchases may not always be refunded directly and an alternate refund method must be agreed upon.
If you wish to close their players account.
Players CANNOT request a refund from deposits or bonuses made to their account unless they wish to cash out and close their player account. In this case, all funds excluding "bonus bucks" will be refunded.
Any unpaid or outstanding charges will be subtracted from your account balance in the event of charge backs.

Please note that winnings earned in the "Play for Fun" rooms can not be carried over to the "Play for Real" rooms.

12. Security and Privacy Policy
Personal identity and details of all members will remain confidential. The Casino will not report wagering information on behalf of any member.
All transactions are handled by our processor, EZ Debit, encrypted at 128bit SSL encryption. Our servers are protected by state-of-the-art software technology, and all transactions are further secured by Thawte, a leader in online financial security. Your credit card information remains totally confidential at all times.
BingoSuite New Ownership

We realize there had been some questionable moves made by the previous BingoSuite ownership. New owners have experience in the online gaming world and will not make the same mistakes. Let us know and we'll see that you get a 300% bonus to try BingoSuite again.
Hey Ballparkbingo can you please Update with us all if any of the Rules or anything else has changed with Bingosuite?
Thanks Again
B-T (Tom)

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