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Dec 19, 2018
Hello Bryan Thanks for the friendly Welcome salut :)

About me: My name Is Henrik Jahns 37 years ung :) and i am using 2/3 of my time infront of my comupter because i am sick, i have PTSD from Iraq 2004 where i was outstationet with the danish alliet troops 7 months. I do not come much out because off panick attacks and what els PTSD gives you. So i am playing Casinos, and marcing my money every month so i can pay my appartmen food ect. and play without lose controle. Casino and the adrenelin of winning makes me forgeht and also give me and hope to get money enoth one day for an better treatment.....
I have no wife and no kids because of my sicknes and i dossent have the strenght to take care of more then my oven life.

If all thats said i will say i am happy, im happy to be alive, im happy to have my brother and his wife and there 2 kids Victor and Signe... i just Love my nieces and are happy that i can see them gro up.
I am looking aT the good things in live and ingnorring most of the bad things ;)

I dit come to your forum because of i have som problems with my casino that i use and dit read about som happy endings where people got help from here....

Its about 7bitcasino.com i have been using this casino 2-3 years and put Alot of money into this. I have som times won 1-2000 eur and also dit withdraw with no problems. Last month i dit for the first time win a big win. 32000 Eur. that dit really feel good. :) :) :) :)

Until i got the messege from my Manegar, that i can not get my money because of duplication.... the email i should use for duplication is my Brothers Email. He also is a use of same casino and are using it from his homeadress. so i dit call him and he told me that he one day dit use my computer to login on his account only one time and dit dit not take any bonus or like that.... He has an fully valitaet account with id, prof of adress and bankaccount.... and if the look into that there should be no problem to se i am telling the throught, and i have no duplicate account for multy use.... dont understand why i should have that after that maney years use of tim and money.

The day i dit login i dit not take any bonus or like that, he only look in and out.....

I dit try to sent email to my account manager Alice explaning everything, but she dont care, she is refering to the terms every time and dossent care for what use the termes are there. she only use them to take my winning....

She tells me that i am a good custemor and wanner give me 1000 eur bonuschips and i can keep my account, but my money is gone... ( REALLY, what dos she think, that i am stupid because i am sick)
Sho also tells me that is she had somthing to say i would get my money.

This years i got a bad bad christmess no money nothing i thought that i would get my winninges and dit ad more money to same Casino because I wouldn't delay my payout......
So no gift to my famillie or money for my to christmess

I wanner ask hove i should act to this cheating,? I dont wanner make anytruble to anyone, not even the casino site, but i want my money. And if i have to contact every lawyer in the world to get my rights i will do that...

i dit try getting help from my skrill online banking but i git this answer:
Dear Henrik,
The only repy we got from the casino was that you don't have such big winnings.
Unfortunately, we can't help further and you will need to address your claim to their regulating authority.

Thank you for your understanding

Kind regards,
Skrill VIP Team


I have Screanshot from my winningg, from the slot where i dit win and the the payout asking and dissmissing..

Best regards
Henrik Jahns

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