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Mar 6, 2006
So i contact lassetters online support about changing my adress. He answers my question than asks "Do you know anything about cameras Jeff?"
I say yes, and have a 15 minute conversation about digital slr cameras, fielding a variety of questions about cameras and lenses. Than he mentions a little bit about his wife and convincing her to let him buy the camera (canon rebel 350).

Has anyone ever had any experience like this, the whole thing caught me quite off guard, with him even telling me to remind me to send some photos from his upcoming trip to china.
No, not with any type of Customer service. I happen to love to start up a conversation with people and sometimes they will become very personal with mebut only if I start it. Strange.
Great thread,
There are players who just want to play, and not be bothered, and than there are the players who love to chat with the casinos. I think this is what I miss most since leaving the casino. I really enjoyed some of my customers, I would have some rather lengthy conversations and e-mails. We had certain players that would stay on chat for hours chatting and playing away.This was one reason that even though I knew the casino was always going to get the best of the player, I knew we were supplying a service. You would be suprised at some of the "gifts" that players would give or try to give us. One of my favorite customers once called the casino when he was dealt a royal flush at cariabean stud, and called me to ask" should I fold, or double my bet" at the casino we were all able to share in his 200k+ win.
Would be interesting to take a poll and find out what type of casinos players perfer.

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