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I just added your banner on my page, but I am having a problem. The link works good, but the
picture of the banner is not showing up, I am wondering if you have code in another format
such as >,head/<, >,html<,
It is on the site
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so when if you check it out now, you will know why it is not
working rite at the moment.



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I am having a problem with Proc Cyber. They handle all the major casinos cash accounts. They have blocked me out for over three years and no one can seem to even remember what it was about. But they definately won't change my status. Is there any thing I can do about this? Has any one else had problems with Proc Cyber. Any way we can cancel them out. Or nuke them? Help.


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Hi Bryan,

I have a question and I guess a concern. It seems that somewhere on your website, I read some disturbing information concerning Blackdog Casino. I am a big player and reader of GoneGambling and I notice that they have them listed as one of their sponsers. Usually if I see a casino on your website that's questionable, I avoid it like the plague. Can you check into this and verify that Blackdog Casino is on the up and up and you don't have it listed anywhere as a rogue casino, or a casino that's having problems? I can't see GoneGambling using a sponsor that the great meister has on his list. (unfortunately I have seen one other rogue casino on their site) I was under the opinion that GoneGambling only use reputable casinos for their site, but I guess if you are trying to add sponsors, you'll accept anyone. If I am wrong about Blackdog Casino, please accept my apologizes(also to GG) and chalk it up to trying to be very careful and nerves with my money now adays.

While you are at it, if you don't mind, can you check on STARLUCK CASINO. They have been advertising for days now about the players comp program and there still is not one. On their download casino, all the slot games on the casino doesn't work and they say it is upgrading but they never work. On Starluck java site, all the games work except the promised players club. Oh-Oh, I think I just answered my own question. These are the signs of a trouble casino. Bryan, when you have time, please look into these matters. I would greatly appreciate it.\clipart {blush}