Dormant account
Feb 10, 2004
hi Bryan ,
I have a quick question. When I first signed up at "ALL SLOTS CASINO"(on or about july 2002), I registered my firepay account and made a purchase(for which there was "NO CHARGE BACK"). About a month ago, i had a NSF with firepay(which im still trying to remedy with them). So my one and only purchase at all slots with my firepay account was honored, and all slots got their money. I havent played at all slots for over a year, until the 5th of May 2004, at which time i used my "CLICK2PAY account to fund my all slots account for a total of 250.00 in the month of May. I won 550.00 and cashed it out. all slots dicked around for over a week, and then they wrote me back and told me
"According to the reply that we have received, it seems that there is a
return of $25 with FirePay. Therefore, our financial department will
not be able to process your withdrawal until you settle the issue with
FirePay." How Can they do that?? the one and only purchase at all slots with my firepay account was honored well over a year ago, and i requested that my cashout be sent by bank wire to my bank account. so what does "FIREPAY" have to do with anything? So im hoping that you can shed some light on this matter for me. If you need anymore information regarding this message please let me know. All I want to know is HOW they can do this.

Thank you in advance.