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Mar 22, 2007
I have a serious problem and I need someone to help me fix it.

My site xxwww.jackpotavenue.comxx was having content updated and regular seo done on it daily by an seo I was employing. Unfortunately he is no longer with me and I need someone not to do seo on the site at the moment but update content weekly. I have 20 pages of content to update that should have been done yesterday. The site is in css I asked kundan who initially designed my site yet he doesnt work with css. Who can work with css for me I will pay you for the content and site editing that you do. Please help me I currently have a site I cant edit as I write content and manage the site but am not great as the design side.

Please Pm me

many thanks


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Mar 4, 2004
South Africa
Hi rob

Sorry, I am a bit confused. It is a PHP site,... css is style sheets used to modify the fonts background etc... I think you are looking for someone that can design in php.