Help with Newbie.


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Dec 14, 2009
New Orleans
Can someone please tell me if I'm getting a fair game? I deposited for the first time at Ruby Royal (Rival). I lost 7 hands of 3-card poker with the dealer getting pairs all 7 times including a 3 of a kind. I then turn to BJ and lost 8 hands in a row. Finally I go play fixer upper slot. And went 40 spins before I got any type of win??? I complained to a support rep name Thomas. All he kept says was our games are fair. I asked for my stats to be emailed to me. He said to get it from my history. But I would like them emailed to me.

Just a few moments ago. I played at Platinum Play (MG). I deposited $40 and played BJ ($1 hand) I got it up to $50 and went to play alaskan slots. I started at the min of .30 a spin and won $6 in 15 spins. I set the spins at .60 and 100 spins. I made it to 98 spins before busting out. My highest win was $.80 or so. And I went 23 spins without hitting anything. Doing the .30 spins the wild symbols appear regularly. But when I went to .60 the wild appear 3 times out of 98 spins.

I dunno what to think anymore. This is becoming the normal. The last real cashout I had was in 2007. This year, I've had a few hundred dollars here and there. But nothing to write home about. :sob:


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Dec 13, 2009
I'm afraid everybody is going to tell you it was just bad luck. To get an accurate idea about how fair the games really are you'd have to consider about 1 million hands or spins. Sorry dude, it's probably nothing more than lady luck in a bad mood. I know it's frustrating and hard to believe. Try lowering your bets to the minimum or quit gambling for the day when you start noticing a losing streak. Better luck in the future.