Resolved Help with Jonny Jackpot bonus rules.


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Aug 16, 2012
United Kingdom
It wasn’t Johnny jackpot lovely it was captain spins the sister site im
Signed up to them but never withdrawn. Oh wow not good on the plus there’s plenty of other reputable sites to enjoy :)
I made a withdrawal through captain spins on my first deposit and not been bonus banned and also used a bonus twice since and nothing. I quite like the group, over £2500 of withdrawals and not even verified.


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Dec 10, 2020
you give me a little hope to me ! Jonnyjackpot cancelled my winning of 4600$ !!!
im on shock because I was full of trust because always have good experiences with retraits with many casinos.
please tell me how you could get get back your money with jonnyjackpot?
sorry for my English ,,, I understand very well but I’mverry not good for speaking or writing ... thanks in advance for your tip.

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When taken bonuses at this casino. Do not ever place bets above €5 when welcome bonus is accepted even if you have not dipped into the bonus!

I have asked Brian to change the title of this thread to resolved. Once again thank you casinomeister to have a great place where gamblers are able to share their experience.