Help setting up a Netspend account *Frustrated*


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Mar 12, 2007
Hi everyone.

Last night I came across this forum and it seemed like many people knew how to deposit on websites still if you live in the U.S.

I stopped gambling when Neteller refused to allow transactions to gaming sites and thought most / if not all had refused U.S. players. Luckily the impulse to try once again came up and I discovered Poker.Com (My 2nd favorite poker room) still allowed me! The problem was... I didn't have a Click2Pay account. After trying for a little while to reroute my IP so it looked like it was coming out of Canada,

I gave up and came here and saw a few posts about the incompetence of Click2Pay. So I searched through the forum and found something called NetSpend. I went out to a local gas station which had the AllAccess Visa cards for sale, but I am unsure how exactly I'd go about getting an account to fund. People on here were talking about funding their accounts on NetSpend, but I read the back of the card in the gas station and it said nonrefillable.

I am at a loss right now as to what I should do. My best guess would be to buy a $50 dollar prepaid then call the NetSpend number and ask because they won't allow me to talk to anyone without typing in the number of my card.


Thanks for your attention. Please give me advice.
There are 2 types of netspend cards , prepaid and reloadable.

The reloadable can be found by going to the netspend website then putting in your zipcode and it will give you a list of locations that sell it.

It is reloaded the same place you buy it and cost about $2 to reload or you can reload it on the website by using paypal .

you must have the prepaid version which is not reloadable
Thank you for the clarification!

Last night I had almost bought the prepaid, but thankfully the girl at the counter did not know how to go about activating them.

I guess I will go out now and get a reloadable... THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for the clarification!

Last night I had almost bought the prepaid, but thankfully the girl at the counter did not know how to go about activating them.

I guess I will go out now and get a reloadable... THANK YOU!!!

You should make sure that your chosen casino can actually PAY YOU!!

There are many still accepting deposits from the US market, but nearly all are experiencing serious problems paying out.
Microgaming seem to be having a problem making ANY payments at present, even checks in the mail are bouncing due to the speed of movement in the situation outpacing the tardy delivery of checks in the mail.

Microgaming have admitted that no processing is currently taking place due to the new processor having to serve out a 15 day period of "due dilligence" before they may begin. This would seem to indicate April as a start date, but nothing is certain.
Best wait till complainants to this issue post "I've now been paid".

Avoid "Golden Casino" - seems more serious issues here since they broke away from Golden Palace just to cater for the US market.
I am not sure about playing on casino again... for the time being, but I am gonna be playing poker and I already made sure that they send checks to the U.S. players for cashing out..

OH MY GAWD... I went through hell getting this card.

I went to sunoco. Went up to the counter with 100 dollars *made sure* on my debit card and said that I wanted a prepaid card. Go through the process. Swipe my card. It says denied. Go to the Bank of America atm outside the gas station. Put my card in.. it says I have only 10 dollars on it . I then find out at the Wachovia atm I am able to withdraw the 100.. I am still confused why one said I had 10 and the other said I had 110. But.. Nonetheless I have my rechargable!!!
For Poker , Absolute Poker and Pokerstars Accept it as a vist and both will send you a check asap and they are cashable in usa banks . On another note Pokerstars will also send you a free debt card Outdated URL (Invalid) which you can use at any atm to get your money out.

For casinos USe bodog , they take the card and they will send you a western union , or a check your choice.

There are still many good choices , just have to look carefully
I've always liked Bodog. Pokerstars on the other hand was never good to me *hand wise*.

My absolute favorite though is and FullTilt. *even though I've been jipped countless times on the river on both of them.

Unfortunately FullTilt no longer accepts U.S. players, but does.

Im going to scout around a little myself to see whats best for me.

Again, Thank you for all your help !! :oops:
When did fulltilt Stop taking US Players.

They still take us players ,

As for the others you mentioned , they all accept the Netspend , its just that each has different terms for cashouts . like has a 28$ free for checks
Ah thought fulltilt stopped..

Maybe I am mistaken.., yea I saw that crazy fee, but I emailed them and asked if there will be any other options in the future for U.S. players and I was told yes within 2 weeks there will bea free check oprtion
THey have been saying that for the free check for 2 months now . Anyway glad you got the info for the netspend.

1 more thing about it , there is a $1 per transaction fee , some people i tell about the card forget this and have problems , they will put $100 on the card and then try to depoist $100 and get declined and wonder why.
Hmm I thought it was 2 dollars, but thank you for reminding me... I still gotta figure out this card for all it is, but to me, it sounds like the key to gambling again :D
just a note to say that fulltilt is still letting us players play. i dont play there but my husband does every weekend. he has never made a withdrawl (lol)but he deposits there often

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