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Apr 3, 2004
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Hi everybody, I wanted to see if something like this has happened to you, I joined a casino (I won't say the name because first I want to see who's right), took advantage of their 100% initial bonus, I deposited $200 so I had a total of $400 in my account, in the rules they specify craps, roulette, baccarat and blackjack don't count towards meeting the playthrough requirement, so ok, the first game I played was BJ, made some winnings and then started playing Video Poker and the slots to meet the rollover requirement, which I did, then requested a payment (their max cashout is 10 times the amount of my deposit), but they said they have to subtract the winnings I made playing BJ because it's not included in the playthrough, they also stated that I was allowed to play all the BJ I wanted with the amount I deposited but if the balance went below $200 I would be now playing with their bonus and since BJ doesn't count, I cannot make winnings with bonus money playing BJ. What do you think about this? The rule that's posted on their website says the game doesn't count, but it doesn't say I cannot play it or make winnings or is it probably something that I have to assume? Please help!!!!!
Sounds to me like a sticky bonus to begin with? In otherwords, the bonus is not cashable?
Actually the bonus is cashable, what they say is since BJ doesn't count towards the rollover requirement I can't cashout the winnings I made playing that game.
the last e-mail they sent me says that I used the bonus to make winnings in Blackjack then used them to meet the requirement, I still don't get it
Oh my, why on earth did you play BJ when you know playing BJ doesn't count toward WR? Not only will you loose your money, you'll get tones of trouble when you want to cashin.
They will tell you whatever you like to hear for your deposit. They might encouage you to play games that are not allowed, only to screw you later.
Don't fall for their tricks. You really should read their terms and conditions, make a copy, then follow exactly what it stats!
Anyway, what's been done is done. Now it's more like a stage of damage control, with your money and their reputation (if any) on the line.
I would suggest you NOT to play any more BJ at this point. play only the games count toward WR and see how much you can cash out after WR is met. Don't make any more deposit, you will only make the situation worse. If you bust your bankroll, never ever go back to them as the WR might carry over.
That's all I can think of. I wish you luck on this mess, cause you will need it.
A lots of casinos won't allow roulette, crap etc to count towards WR.
They state that you shouldn't TOUCH those games AT ALL before you have
done the WR. I don't know whether your casino stated that explicitly or not.

But it doesn't matter whether they stated it or not, just stay at least
200 meters away from those games.

So why do you go touch BJ when they said explicitly that it won't count
in the WR?

From now on when they say X,Y,Z don't count, knock on your skull and
say to yourself, "I will not touch games X,Y,Z!"

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