HELP! Old Version Captain Cooks Casino Anyone?


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Jun 28, 2002
I figured somebody's gotta have it out there? I can't be the only loser with an old monitor :redface: ...Does anyone have a copy of old Captain Cook's casino download that they can email me (the last version before recent upgrade)???? A million, billion thanx if someone can help!! I deleted it by mistake :uhoh:

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On its way to you Wendy. I hope you can take over a 4 meg attachment.
Hey JPM - I emailed you back with my other email address - if that doesn't work, I have another email with max 6MB, I could try cleaning it out??? I know you said 6.5, but maybe it will accept it...Thanks for all your help!!!
Disregard above JPM - I checked my Optonline acct. & it holds 20MB :yes: , so you should have no problem with that address - thanks!

Yes, JPM/John, I got it!! Sorry took so long to get back to you - I just got home from work. Unzipped it & it works like a champ! Thank you soooo much! You're a peach! :kiss:

:notworthy: Namaste,

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