Help me please : - is this casino a scam or what?


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Dec 9, 2001

I found the link to the on, which I think is a trustworthy-site. But this casino seems so ridiculous, I hardly can believe this to _not_ be a scam. Has anyone checked that out or could please do so?
They claim to give you a 100$ Bonus +30% on _every_ deposit (35$ at least). Bonus can't be cashed out, but money you win with bonus can be cashed out. You have to play 97 hands of any game, before cashing out...
The "software" (it's a cgi) is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen...
Oh yeah, they say payouts to PayPal only take them 1 hour to process...

They say their Address is:

Apartado 695-1007
Centro Coln
San Jose, Costa Rica

No phone-numbers...

PayPal shows me they are a verified Business Member since 01.09.2001, 358 verified buyers...

Any hint what this is? I wouldn't even have looked at it, if I hadn't found the link on Stanford's page...

I checked out this place, and it is really
lame. By far, the worst software & graphics
I have ever seen in a "real casino".
It looks like a 9 year old designed it.
The games are ridiculous, as is the playmode.
You would have to be "nuts" to play at a
site this lame. :eek:
Here is some information about this "casino":

Universal Equity Holding, Inc (template COCO-929113)
1201 Market Street, Suite 1600
Wilmington, DE 19801 US

Domain Name:
Status: production

Admin Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
David Moor (COCO-929113)
+1 302 571 1128

CORE Registrar: CORE-11

Record created: 2001-02-02 09:16:41 UTC by CORE-11
Record expires: 2003-02-02 03:26:01 UTC

Domain servers in listed order:
In defense of software doesn't have all the bells and whistles of your RTG or BossMedia, Microgaming, etc, and the games are limited, but I just won over $2,000 and I had the money in my paypal account in 7 hours, not one hour as advertised, but nobody else comes close on this type of prompt payout.

If given a choice with casinos like Black Widow, which you can win big at, and then wait two months to get paid (maybe get paid), or a game put together by a 9 year old, but if you beat it, they pay promptly, I'll take my chances with the lousy graphics, but getting paid.

Anyone disagree?
Getting paid in 7 hours does sound great.
I have not played at many places, but Black Widow was one of them. I too experienced a long wait for a while. They were saying that they were delayed due to changes to their system of payouts, or something like that. But, now they seem to be caught up, and are paying me promptly.

About the graphics: i like the look of a nice casino. I think it is part of the whole experience. Makes it all more enjoyable and fun. At least, that's how it is for me :)
I played on this site and made a withdraw on last dec 11th. I was unable to make a withdraw via Paypal. So I requested a check.

I just received the check today. :)

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