Help: I cannot connect to the RTG casinos


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Sep 7, 2004
Started from a month ago (or maybe longer) I could never connect to RTG casinos from home. I tried both my computers, and I tried to connect to various RTG casinos, all failed. I could surf their websites w/o problems. But if I try to download their software, I got a connection error or timeout. I turned off my firewall, no help.

I could connect to these sites from my office.

I noticed that all the downloads from various RTG casinos are directed to And I am using AT&T Yahoo DSL at home. But I have been able to connect to RTG before with the same ISP.

I googled "yahoo DSL block casino" and didn't find any answer.

Does anyone have any idea? Thanks. :notworthy
I can't help you but I have had the same problem. I could download RTGs from home but not from another location. It would start to download then stop. To get around it I downloaded the installer to a memory stick at home and took it with me.
I noticed the same thing on different computers and when I turned off my virusware/spyware suite totally, it loaded. Disliked doing that so I don't play anywhere but at home now. (I even had to turn off my suite at home too when I installed the software anew). Hope this helps!
i had same problem last year here in UK

I changed my proxy server

IE>Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings

Just google adding your isp and "Proxy Servers"

Then insert details that you find in above

Hope this helps
I had the same problem yesterday. Had been playing for a couple days using a free chip. Went to play last night and the log in screen appeared but when I typed my password, nothing happened. I then tried play mode and it worked. Once in, I switched to real mode and it said my session had timed out (or something to that effect). I logged out, logged back in (real mode) and it worked again.

I also use AT&T Yahoo DSL. At first I thought they were blocking gambling sites but everything was back to normal and my microgaming sites are working just fine today.

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