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i was invited to tour the soccer facilities for a team called blackburn? i googled them but understand nothing about english soccer or futbol or whatever. i am working on a project with some folks who are involved with the team and they have invited me to come over to lancashire. i have the feeling that these guys, while involved with the team, have never put on a pair of spikes. i used to train with a member of the haitian national team and am very aware how popular soccer is outside the u.s. from an athletes standpoint i am always excited to see the inner workings of a different sport and culture. is there a special time to go? when is the season? when are playoffs? is blackburn a pro team, minor league team? who are the players i want to have lunch/beer with? etc...


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While I'm not from England, I feel I could answer at least some of your questions since noone else is. :)

First of all, Blackburn is one of the best teams in Britain, playing in the Premier League together with teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United, hopefully you've heard of at least some of those.

You should find a game that draws a big crowd, the atmosphere on those games is fantastic, at least if the home team wins. ;) All matches against the previous mentioned would be good, as well as matches against neighbouring teams, the latter probably draws out the most fanatic crowd. And the season - well, it's anytime except the summer, I think they play August to May or something like that.

If you ever get to meet some of the players, look out for the Norwegian Morten Gamst Pedersen, and tell him you were sent by me. :cool:

Good luck! If you enjoy football (soccer) Britain is the place to be!

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