Help find good $1 and up blck jack casino?


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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
I would like to start playing blackjack a little more but the Casinos I like are all 5.00 and up bets. Can you all recommend a good (no, great) low bet Casino for playing table games? Thanks so much!:)

You will find excellent BJ games on playtech,

Microgaming is not bad, but once had a bad experience playing their Vegas Strip version of the game.

I recommend you Single Deck at Playtech, play with your own money and don't accept any bonuses. In case they accept black jack as a valid game, it will take you for ever to make the requirement, is just not worth it.

Go to, I have never played for real there, but the casino is freaking nice.

Also the Mainstreet Vegas Casinos are great... they provide excellent bonuses and 24/7 CS through chat and phone... My pick:
Thanks for all your input. I agree it would make sense to play without bonus. Also, Kasino King I ckd your site out, I enjoyed reading your log! :)
Ill let you know how I do!
Most MGs have $1 BJ. 32red is $2 min. And there are some with 50 cent minimum (Music Hall, Nostalgia).

On RTG, I think iNetBet has $1 minimum if you ask them to activate it.
Thanks again for your posts...
I played inetbet for fun and had a bad streak. It was kind of weird..had bjs on my bjs, pushes on a huge amount of my 20's and 19s, unusual amount of busts on my 12' hits (10 or face card) I just couldnt win even with the strat prompt right in front of me to help me play. I tried intercasino and wasnt to thrilled there either, went to a not recommended rtg site and enjoyed the game and played to a win of $1200. (free game)Keeping in mind the recommended sites I went to Bodog and had a good game in the fun mode with no unusual streaks. Hmmm. Next Ill try Playtech. I also just copied a stat list from a recent post regarding Bj..Ill try that. BJ makes my head hurt. You have to use your brain to play! Thanks again for your input

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