Help! Can a dealer stand on 16 EVER???


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Jun 4, 2002
I'm confused?! Doesn't a dealer ALWAYS have to hit a 16, no matter what the player's hand is?

I was playing at Capt. Cook's multi-hand blackjack. I believe CC uses microgaming software. I stood at 14 with the dealer showing a 2. The dealer proceeded to draw to a 7 card 16, then stood and declared a lose for me.

Under the Multi-hand Blackjack Help (from the toolbar of the multi-hand blackjack casino page), it states:

"The dealer must stand on all 17 and draw on 16."

I've emailed them several times. Their reply, though prompt, has always been:

"Yes this is correct but if the dealer wins with a hand more than you then there is no need for the dealer to hit again. For example, if you stood on 12 and the dealer got 14 then the game is over again because the dealer won. In a non-online casino the dealer will not hit again when they have already beaten your hand. There is no point in the dealer taking that additional risk :) They might get a 10 and this means they are on 24 and you are on 12 and you win. This dealer will be out of job real soon :) "

Am I missing something??!
Say what?
Whoever gave you that answer needs a new job.

Go to your Playcheck record and take a screenshot, then email Casinomeister here. You may have found a bug in the software.
My curiosity is killing me. No need to go into my sad saga about Captain Cook's, but were you corresponding with a customer support rep named Chris?
I also had a bad experience on CC's BlacJack.
May somebody will help to clarify on this.

No, all of my emails were handled by Ali (guy or girl?). Guess once you get into the system, they keep giving you to the same rep. Sad to think I'm supposed to trust the advice of their CSRs. :(
The reason I asked, was because I went round and round with Cook's, with e-mails back and forth. What finally worked was to send them pertinent links to their own site. However, the person I corresponded with eventually apologized and fixed it up. I was left with the opinion that no one was trying to cheat me, just bungling a little. Of course, after all the fuss, I lost my little pile anyway.
:tri_right: I am not sure but BJ MGS rules states that the player or/and the dealer stands after 7 Card draw. Anyway this situation is very rare.
Any casino that is losing will use dirty tactics to make you lose.I have been playing and winning in most Landbase casinos around the world and I have yet to find a truly decent management who is clean. I have seen and experienced many kinds of tricks and tactic they come up with when you are winning consistenly.
From CCC:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your reply. I had a look through the rules for this game and as it turns out the maximum number of cards any player (including the dealer) can have in one hand is seven, therefore the dealer was forced to sit on the 16 and the player lost the hand. It is most certainly a very rare thing for anyone to be holding seven cards and still be below 17. This rule is only in place for the 'multi-hand' version of blackjack at Captain Cook's - Standard Blackjack has an eleven card limit.


Thanks Bryan. I can swallow the fact that the software has a 7 card limit for BOTH sides. It sucks, but if that's the way they wrote it, that's that. I play multi-hand bj because the game plays faster than single player bj. I'll just bite my tongue next time I get burned.

What still aggravates me, is the incompetence of the support person at CCC trying to explain the problem. Their excuse was simple ignorance of the game. Isn't part of their job to know the BASIC rules of the games they're supporting!
I only play the single deck game so this could not be a problem. The lowest possible 11 card total for the single deck game is a hard 21 and you can only get there by hitting on a hard 18 or more.

I am not sure what they were thinking with the seven card limit for a multideck game. It is a rare situation but the limit is totally unnecessary.
If you are the only one playing and you bust out the dealer don't have to take a card on a 16. If you don't bust out the dealer has to draw on a 16 in ac.I don't know about the seven card rule.
ah if the dealer flips over his cards and has sixteen and u busted then he don't hit. Your right in ac they don't have to flip over the hole card if u bj at ic and wh the dealer flips over hole card even if u bust.

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