HELP! About To Lose My House




I started playing online (Intercasino) last August... I saw a banner ad and it led me to the site. Since, I've tried out a couple of other online casinos as well. I found this site tonight in my desperate quest to help me recoop my substantial losses since August. I mean, substantial! Does anyone have any suggestions for me (other than to quit)? I need to get my money back and the only way I know how is to try to win it back. The more I try the more I lose. I'm afraid I'll lose my house next. Seriously.

Please write directly to the e-mail address.
My suggestion to you, Bob is to : QUIT


1) Contact GAMBLER'S ANONYMOUS and attend the meetings.
2) Go to Barnes and Nobles and READ, READ, READ books on getting out of debt and saving your house. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - therefore I recommend reading several hours at a time and for several days. Go to your local library as well.
3) Contact the NONPRFOIT credit counseling services and see if they can help.

Its time to reclaim your life, Bob. You can only do that if you admit you have a problem and then you make a commitment to do something about it. Internet gambling can be more addicting then cocaine. IF you don't make a serious commitment to stop gambling, in another 2 months, your additcion will return. Look at Yankees player Daryl Strawberry. He can't quit with the cocaine. He has made so many promises to quit, but never made a serious commitment.

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