Help! 32red new games not loading


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Dec 12, 2004
I wanted to try new games at 32red but they aren't showing up or loading,
I uninstaled then reinstalled but stil not showing..

Any one any ideas? they are showing up in spin palace and ruby though.


They are loading for me Andy..haven't played them as yet, but I was able to d/l and install them no problem. Have you spoken to the casino?
Last month with new games i went on live chat, they told me to update windows through windows update website , but pc is uptodate any way.

Guess i will have to leave it for a few days like last time :mad:
Maybe someone here has some advice for you....after what I went through yesterday, my mind is mush right now. Hope you get it sorted.
What version of windows are u using?

There are a few more general things you can do, make sure u have the latest disply drivers installed aswell as windows update. If on XP switch of all the display effects crap (Right click My Computer > Properties > advanced > click performance settings > adjust to best performance > clcik ok ok). Terminate any unrequired programs running in the background by right clciking the taskbar icons and exiting them.

You could also try uninstalling 32 then running a reg clean ( is a good one, this will get rid of anything still left in the registry (old setting etc) from the old version. Finally empty the prefetch folder (click start > run >type "prefetch" > press enter > delete everything in here exept for layout.ini. Now restart and reinstall.

Hope this helps

Thanks BubbleG :thumbsup:

All i did was run prefetch then delete 32red item... then tun 32red and, viola!!!

new games in!!!

Try them later ta

I give up!!!! The other day with all my problems trying to connect to any casinos...the only casino I could connect to was 32Red. And the new games were there, I looked at them. Just now I go to log in and play...they're not there. WTF!! I obviously did something to my computer while screwing with it. I swear the gambling gods are against me.

I'm gonna try that prefetch thing...this is ridiculous. :confused:
It worked!! Thanks Andy and BubbleG. So now I can dick around doing something else while I wait for ALL the games to download again...or I can go and play while they are downloading, which is akin to watching water boil. :rolleyes:

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