Dormant account
Jan 6, 2010
Wonder Lake IL
well I been kinda lurking here a bit, finally decided to sign up. It's nice to know that players have someplace to turn when they have a dispute with a casino or poker room, even if it's just to vent a bit. The info here seems to be quite extensive & well researched.
anyway, I haven't signed up till now as I'm more a poker player than slots or anything else, my game of preference being 7stud hi/lo. I even have an " I knocked out a pro " T-shirt from full tilt !!:lolup: mine is kinda special (to me at least ) as the pro I knocked out has a WSOP 7stud hi/lo bracelet & we just so happened to have finished 1st & 2nd in the tourney.
Lately I've been kind of goofing around at a lot of the casinos online but haven't really found one I like best. So what are your feelings as to best deposit/withdrawal methods. I'm in the US so I deposit at tilt & stars with VISA gift cards & when I cashed out at tilt I had them mail a check.How is the use my wallet option & where is the best place to get an invite?
thanks in advance, nice to be here

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