Hello to all at Casinomeister!


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Hi all, i have recently joined after coming across this website when looking for casino reviews and advice online.

I am not a professional player and don't play with serious amounts of money, I just like to play online for a bit of fun and if I win its an added bonus!

I have had some issues with casinos in the past and if i feel i can add any useful information i will.

In the meantime, happy gambling and hopefully winning!!!


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HI! and Welcome to the group!

Explore a bit. The Rogue Pit and CM Casinos tabs at the top of the forum will give you the scoop on casinos. Then when you're back in the forum just browse the threads. Any questions? We'll do our best to help.


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Nice to meet you, Frogrest! Welcome to Casinomeister!


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Thanks for joining Casinomeister!! :thumbsup:

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