Hello, So the ball drops in red on the wheel, but the display and table show black


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Hi Everyone

I'm new and I have a problem

Playing a live casino the other day, played small stake on green, bigger on red, live dealer ran the ball, and it fell into red, but the computer generated marker on the table showed a black number as did the scroll on the screen.

I wasn't sure if my feed was lagging, but the red number hadn't come out before, so I bet green and red again, the ball landed in a red, the display showed a different black and so did the scroll listing.

Neither if the red numbers from the wheel were in the display listing, I wondered if they had the correct feed linked to the right table, the live dealer and wheel are obviously live, but the generated feed which 'places' the marker on the table is generated by computer I guess, could I have had the feed from another wheel, showing on the table results, or is it possible that the video feed was wrong.

I'm so baffled

I'm always going to record all my plays in future.

Any comments

Mr B


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As a croupier I can say that the display which shows the numbers where the ball has landed isn't always 100% accurate. I have experienced few times when the ball has landed on a number but the display shows a number next to it. Of course when this happens and the player and the game is at actual casino we go with the wheel, ignoring the display but in your situation this is not possible since what is displayed on your screen follows what the sensor has picked up. It's not very common thing to happen but it is indeed possible.

In your case it surely seems strange that this kind of error happened multiple times and if I understood correctly, on consecutive spins. If there was some kind of malfunction with sensors in a game like this it would make spinning the wheel unnecessary since it can't pick the right number where the ball has fallen into. What is displayed on your screen would not be the number that was spun but the number that sensors picked up and then send to players' computers which means the result is not what it should be.

Like you said it can also be a wrong feed issue where you were betting on a different wheel from what you saw.

Have you tried contacting that particular casino if they can figure out what went wrong?