Hello - shafted by fairgo


Jun 26, 2020
Perth Western Australia
Ok , i deposited $30 , got as high as $20000 , took 5 days to verify my account, eventually withdrawing $2500 bank wire and $5000 bit coin and still had a few thousand left in account to play with (10-15 days after play thru has been reached) then they confiscate everything except $30 as they said I had bet over $10 on spin during play thru. I don’t believe I had accepted any bonus with the $10 rule as I was wary of bonuses with a max cash out rule and the bonus I accepted was a pretty crap bonus with what I thought was almost conditionless . I tried to talking to them regarding the issue but between robots a telephone that doesn’t get answered and staff that were rude I managed to get my account deleted for venting my displeasure at getting ripped off by these pricks.