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Hello to everyone, I am Duncan from the Outer Banks of NC. I am so glad to have found this forum with which seems to have some great insight on the online gaming industry. I have been a recreation gambler for the past 20 years. And living in the Bible Belt of the US it can be sometimes hard to enjoy a friendly wager from time to time. I have tried so many time to try and explain that there isn't any difference in me enjoyng my spare time in a casino compared to spending my time at a amusement park. I usually spend about the same amount of money at both places, with the slim chance of sometimes even coming out ahead when I leave the casino. I can honestly say I have never been to disneyland and left with more money than I went with.
With that I say HELLO CM it is good to be here.
Thanks, Duncan


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Welcome Duncan,

You are ahead of the game already by having found this site. We are a like minded group full of info and experiences we will share.

The data included here is very helpful, get familiar and look around. Pay special attention to the accredited and rogue lists before you get involved with a casino. If a casino you want to play at isn't on either list ----- then do the "Search" to see what others have written about it.



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Hi Duncan! Nice to meet you. :)

You will find the answer to just about any questions regarding online gambling. Wander around, not just the forum but the entire site. Not only will you find the best, safe casinos to play at, you will have access to the most up to date news concerning on line gaming.

Make yourself at home! :thumbsup:


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I just Googled that and that was awesome. I am Duncan the 4th my son is the 5th, and with all the past Duncan's n my family and with all the beers we have consumed, I had never heard that tune. But I will share it for now on, thanks for that.


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Hi Duncan,

I lived in the Bible belt for eight years (Fayetteville N.C.) so I know where you're coming from :p

Thanks for joining!