Hello from Finland!


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Aug 29, 2022
Cash Cow HQ
Hey. I've been lurking here for quite some time, but and have been planning to make an account, and finally made one today. I just want to say that this forum has been really useful in terms of finding new casinos with great RTPs, bonuses and much more.

Funnily enough, a casino I found through Casinomeister, paid me my two biggest wins in one week, within this very month! (30,280x and 21,538x)
So needless to say I'm extremely happy that I stumbled upon this forum, albeit my registration is a bit late.
Hey @hogexd moi moi, tervetuloa!! :D

Thanks for the nice words, happy to hear about your nice experience with us!

Which casino are you talking about, if not a secret? :)

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