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Hello everyone, I'm Restless Native based in the UK and am relatively new to Online Casinos, I am particularly interested in Roulette and have had a few successes and some considerable losses!! - hence why I am on here to try and learn how to gain some winning advantage ideas (if any such thing exists??) Good luck everyone - hope you all win more than you lose!!!:)
Will put my first post on in a minute - which may well be something that has been done a million times before - but as a "newbie" please accept my apologies if I am going over old ground?!


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love roulette too !!

Hi - I am obsessed with roulette - I seem to do okay with my system on online casinos (play for fun) and have done quite well at actual roulette tables !! (Not so well in casinos at the slot machine roulette). Which online casinos do you like to play roulette on ?


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Hi OMalley! Not really settled down to anyone in particular - just trawling the well established UK based Bookmaker sites - which all seem much of a muchness to me? - when you say you play for fun online - is this on the "live" versions or the online simulated "game" types?


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I have only played a few times live online - with the free chip they rarely let you play anything but slots. Same here - haven't yet committed to a real deposit yet - still searching !


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Hello Restless_Native,

Welcome to the forum. Its a great place to share experiences and obtain useful information. My name is Rebecca and I represent Quasargaming.com

We are a casino company offering Novomatic Games and also have Roulette. Feel free to check us out. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance or general queries. I would be happy to help you out in any way I can.

Good luck at the tables.



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Hi Restless Native,

Welcome to our forum. :cheers:

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