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Thought I'd introduce myself and give a little background information as to why I've signed up to this website.

I'm from the Netherlands, and I play poker from time to time. Nothing fancy, just some casual play on .5/1 stakes. After being out of it for about two years, I was curious about the new developments, mainly in the field of rigging and shills. It brought me here.

A couple of years ago I ran into a person in a one to one chat that I suspected of being a shill. My idea was to pose as one, because I felt I had to explore it further. In a nutshell, when I identified myself as a shill and implied I recognized him as one, this person did not deny anything. In fact he said, "Its business". Somewhere after that I must have said something that didn't fit the description and he disappeared completely out of the chat system. In that time I made an effort of posting these findings on a forum, but that didn't work out...as usual.

This forum is a whole different story. Many members seem to recognize these shill individuals, which amazes me. I had never expected this to be drawn into the open. So I'm glad I did some research now. I have read several threads here, and I wish I had known this place back then. Its ahead of its time in my opinion.

Anyway, thats a little about me...thought I'd keep it brief.


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Welcome Blue Sky!

Merry Meet Blue Sky!

Can't say I should be any type of welcoming committee or anything as this *might* be my second post. Just wanted to drop a "hi" line and to say I'm astonished by your story. Didn't even deny he was a shill?? WOW. Now THAT is scary!!!

Warmest Wishes,


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Welcome to you too :rolleyes: right?

Well, there's a whole story to it really, I had several conversations with that fellow. He never spoke about himself, but when I said I wanted to make a large deposit he suddenly made me look at him playing completely out of the blue, without offering me an affiliate link. So that made me wonder...

I first made myself present as a shill, and the fact that I enjoyed ripping people off like that, in context with me recognizing him as a collegue shill. At first I kind of thought it was a dumb idea and a longshot, but he actually responded with just, "Its business". An unsuspecting person would question those statements in more than one way, so for me that was the almighty proof that there are in fact people on the tables that can see your cards and work for the poker room.

Its not scary, just a very crooked business. It shouldn't scare anyone in my opinion.


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Hi Bluesky and welcome to the forum :)

GGW Laurie

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:)hello and welcome to the forum:)...............laurie