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This is Winston Zhao, a senior business developer of Chinese Casino development company.

our Casino solution team is innovated team which includes 10 skilled programmers, 8 Flash programmers and 6 graphic designers. With accumulated experience, we supported many customers enhance they business very quickly.

One of our customer is a famous company who running Flash based Multi-player on-line casino games. The platform of them are requested a high concurrent, effective and security. As a partner of them, our casino team help them to fix and improve the platform effective. Meanwhile, we developed some high quality poker games for them, such as BlackJack,texas hold'em and so on.


For more information, welcome you to contact me.:D
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Welcome to the forum Winston.

Perhaps you might want to change your name for here...usually new members get warmly welcomed, but your name alone makes it sound like a shill (shamelessly promoting your website).

I've been logged in several times since you first posted, and first I bothered because of your name.


Welcome, Winston!

We do not permit links to or promotion of your site here, so I had to edit your post.

We do, however, look forward to seeing any new products for the industry.